Adjusting To The Addition Of A Neighbor Next Door


You have kids, you have pets – now, you have a neighbor. When you live years without having anyone share your property line, and then, have someone build a home and move right in, things can take on a whole new way of living. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you adjust to having a new neighbor where there wasn't one.

Introduce Yourself                                     

Not everyone loves the idea of going and meeting the new neighbors, but doing in on your own terms should help take some of the discomfort out of it. If you wait until your dog or your kids have done something that you have to go, introduce yourself, and apologize for their actions, the introduction may not go as smoothly or comfortably. Try to get to know the neighbor a little bit before your family or pets have a chance to force an uncomfortable introduction.

Install a Fence

To reduce the worry about what's going on next door or what your kids and pets will do, consider installing a fence. The fence can be a nice, tall privacy fence, or just a small barrier fence to keep the kids and pets in the yard.

Please check with your HOA or local building code enforcer to find out if there are any restrictions on the type of fencing, the distance from your neighbor's property line or anything else. It'd be pretty bad if you went through the work and expense of installing a fence just to have to remove it because you didn't follow some code for your community. For more information check out companies like A Better Fence Company.

Maintain a Regular Lifestyle

Try not to allow someone moving in next door to change your lifestyle. If you were active outside with the kids before he moved in, continue doing it. If you get quiet as soon as the neighbor moves in, you'll likely end up going back to your old ways eventually – this can come as a shock to the neighbor. Instead, keep on living it up – yell when you want to yell – throw a Frisbee for the dogs – have a game of backyard baseball – maybe, your neighbor will come and join in on the fun and a new relationship will be formed.

Hopefully, your new neighbor turns out to be something great. If not, you have that fence keeping his eyes out and your kids and pets in. Everyone can go on living a happy, happy life.


24 May 2019

fencing in a yard for dogs

I have always loved dogs, so when I was presented with an option to start breeding dogs, I jumped on it. Before I could begin the breeding business, I had to have some fencing installed and some kennels built. The fencing that I needed had to be able to hold up if the dogs were to jump up against it and had to be high enough to keep them from jumping over it. If you are trying to fence in your yard to keep your dog contained, you will find some helpful tips that the fencing contractor provided to me during my installation job.