Want To Add A Backyard Fence? Consider All Obstacles When Planning The Installation


When you spend time with your family in the backyard, you may not like that your backyard does not have a fence. But, this is something that you can easily change by hiring a fencing contractor and deciding on all the details for installing a fence. While you may have an idea of what you want in terms of material, color, and height, you may not be set on the fence's exact layout.

While working with fencing professionals, you should think about all the obstacles around your backyard to avoid a situation in which you regret where you install the fence.

Elevation Change

A major obstacle that you may face in your backyard is elevation change. With a flat backyard, you will not need to worry about difficulties with installing any kind of fence. If your yard starts going at a noticeable incline or decline that extends to the property line, you will need to decide whether you want to work around it and install a fence at the edge or bring the fence closer.

Skipping areas with elevation changes will reduce how much fencing material you need, which will reduce installation costs, but it will also make your backyard feel a bit smaller. If you do not mind spending time on an incline or decline, you should not hesitate to fence the whole yard.

Tree Roots

When you have trees with roots along your property lines, you will have to make a tough decision when installing a fence. For instance, you may want to add a fence around the tree if you do not want to get rid of the tree. If you are not attached to the tree and you want an ideal fence installation, you can remove or transplant the tree to make room for your preferred fence layout.


During an analysis of your backyard, you may find that you have several large boulders near where you would like to install a fence. The great thing about boulders is that you can get help from fencing professionals to relocate the ones that are in the way to another part of your yard.

Adding a fence to your backyard is an effective way to make your family feel safer while spending time outside. While planning everything, you should consider all the possible obstacles so that you can decide whether you should work around them or remove them when installing the fence.

If you're interested in a custom fence, reach out to a fencing contractor near you.


26 December 2018

fencing in a yard for dogs

I have always loved dogs, so when I was presented with an option to start breeding dogs, I jumped on it. Before I could begin the breeding business, I had to have some fencing installed and some kennels built. The fencing that I needed had to be able to hold up if the dogs were to jump up against it and had to be high enough to keep them from jumping over it. If you are trying to fence in your yard to keep your dog contained, you will find some helpful tips that the fencing contractor provided to me during my installation job.