How To Choose The Best Commercial Fencing For Your Apartment Building


You may have just purchased an apartment building, or perhaps you are in the midst of building one and might be considering what type of commercial fencing will best suit it. You have a lot of choices on the market and it's not always easy to know what direction you should go.

There are several types of commercial fencing that could suit your property and even give your tenants peace of mind when it comes to security.

Wrought Iron Fencing

One of the choices you have in choosing commercial fencing for your apartment building is wrought iron. If you are going for a historical feel or perhaps adding a bit of charm to your property, wrought iron brings a classic sophistication to it. Wrought iron fencing can withstand the test of time – even potentially exceeding hundreds of years if they are cared for properly.

You could also opt for the alternative to wrought iron, aluminum metal fencing, which could be made to look like wrought iron but is more resistant to rust. The metal also never needs maintenance and will last a long time.

Wood Fencing

If you are looking for privacy for your tenants or the property as a whole, a wooden fence might be a good idea. They have curb appeal, and there are many types of wood to use, styles and colors to really show off your property. Wooden fences also have great noise canceling ability for better sound protection for your tenants.

The majority of wood is weather-treated and stands up well against the elements for a long time. There could be, over time, a bit of eroding of the wood. This means you may need to repair or replace slats should they need to be.

Chain link Fencing

The most popular form of commercial fencing for apartment buildings remains commercial chain link fencing. It is extremely affordable for property owners and incredibly durable. These fences are definitely weather resistant and don't require much maintenance to keep in good shape. You can choose between different gauges of chain link for a stronger fence if security is a concern.

You could also opt for a vinyl coated chain link fence – this adds a layer of vinyl to the chain link to help prevent rust and add a layer of strength to the metal too. You can choose between several colors if you wish for a more appealing look to your fence.


19 September 2018

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