How To Install Fence Posts


If you want to add some style to your yard, you should consider adding a custom fence. A stylish new fence will not only improve the look of your property, but it also gives your yard a little more privacy and security. This is key if you have children or pets. If you are going to install your own fence, the project is quite manageable because most modern fencing products have modular designs. The majority of the fence can be assembled with minimal power tools, cutting, heavy lifting, or technical construction skills. Out of the entire project, installing the fence post is going to be the most difficult part of the job. This article explains the best tools and techniques for installing fence post directly into the soil.

Digging the Hole

Installing a fence post into the soil can be tricky, but it mainly depends on the consistency of your soil. That is, if you have rocky, dense, moist, and heavy soil, digging the actual hole can be very tiring. Of course, it also depends on how deep your hole is going to be. A taller fence is going to require a deeper hole. For instance, if you want a 6' tall fence, you should probably have at least 3' of the post within the soil. A good rule to follow is to dig your hole half as deep as the fence will be tall. You can dig your hole using a traditional shovel, but the job is much easier if you have a post digging shovel. This will enable you to dig your hole deeper without making it too wide.

Setting the Post

The trick to setting a post in soil is to mix the concrete footing directly in the hole as you set the post. So, you basically want to set the post in the hole, and then pour the concrete mixture and water in at the same time, mixing them simultaneously. This results in a concrete footing that is stronger because it bonds with the existing sidewalls of the hole. You will need to prop up your post as the concrete dries. Use a level to check the post and prop up some 2x4s to hold it in place.

As you can see, it actually isn't that difficult to set the fence post. Once you do this part of the job, the rest of your installation will be relatively very easy. Contact a company like Rainier Fencing & Decking for more information and assistance. 


27 February 2018

fencing in a yard for dogs

I have always loved dogs, so when I was presented with an option to start breeding dogs, I jumped on it. Before I could begin the breeding business, I had to have some fencing installed and some kennels built. The fencing that I needed had to be able to hold up if the dogs were to jump up against it and had to be high enough to keep them from jumping over it. If you are trying to fence in your yard to keep your dog contained, you will find some helpful tips that the fencing contractor provided to me during my installation job.