Why Is Vinyl So Great For Fencing?


Vinyl might not be the first material that comes to mind when you imagine a white picket fence. But it is actually a great material for most residential fence styles. Homeowners who choose to invest in vinyl appreciate the durability, style, strength, and easy upkeep of a vinyl fence. This article explains why vinyl should be one of the first materials you think of when shopping for a new fence. You will see why it is ideal for residential fences of all sizes and styles.

Vinyl is Easy to Maintain

As mentioned, vinyl is amazingly easy to maintain. It is virtually waterproof and the rails do not need to be stained to make them that way. In fact, vinyl does not have a paint or stain finish. Instead, it is molded and solid, so the entire piece is the same consistency throughout. This means that, even if your vinyl does get scratches or severe gouges, it will not compromise the waterproof qualities. Other materials, like wood, need to be protected from water with sealants. If the top layer of sealant fades off, your wood will be vulnerable to water damage. You eventually need to restain wooden fences a few times over their lifetime to make them last. Vinyl never needs such intense maintenance.

In fact, cleaning your vinyl fence on a daily basis is also very easy. You don't need to use any expensive cleaning supplies or chemicals. In most cases, you can effectively clean it with a hose and sponge. A simple liquid cleaner might be necessary, if only to prevent water spots. Simply put, you will be able to save some money over they years if you choose vinyl.

Vinyl is Also Stylish

You are likely to be surprised by how many stylish vinyl options are available. It is a product that can be stained any color and can be capped with printed, laminate finishes. You can find a more affordable color in a catalog, or find a manufacturer who will custom-dye you fence if you can't find the perfect color. Basically, you should not have any problems finding a product that will complement your property.

Clearly, vinyl is an ideal fencing material for all types of homeowners. You don't need to make any compromises when choosing vinyl. It is a product that can match with almost any type of home because it is so easy to coordinate the colors.

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20 May 2016

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