Giving A Rusted Ornamental Iron Fence A New Appearance


Many people enjoy the beauty an ornamental fence gives to a property. This majestic fencing choice can give the appearance of grandeur to a property. If you had a  fence installed in the past which has seen better days, you may need to take a few days to do some maintenance steps to give it a fresh, new appearance. Here are some steps you can follow to revamp a rusted fence into a colorful work of art.

Start With A Deep Cleaning Session

Before you can give your fence new color, it should be completely cleaned so you will be able to find all areas in need of repair beforehand. Use a pressure washer or garden hose to thoroughly rinse the fence. Use a sponge to apply a mild detergent mixed with water to the iron surface. Rub the fence by hand, making sure to wipe down the undersides of scrolled portions in the process. Use the pressure washer or garden hose once again to remove the soapy mixture from the iron fence. Allow the fence to dry for several hours before starting the rust and paint removal process.

Remove Rust And Old Paint Efficiently

If your fence had an old paint job, use a wire brush to remove all loose flecks from the iron. Do a visual inspection to find all areas with rusted portions and use the same wire brush to scrape away surface rust. Make sure to pay special attention to the rails as rust may be embedded at the jousts as well as scrolled areas where rust may be in a hidden underside of the iron. Use a folded up piece of sandpaper to get rust out of these areas.

Add Color And Protection To Your Fence

After you have removed all of the rusted portions, wipe down the fence by hand with a piece of microfiber cloth to remove any sawdust or paint chips left behind from sanding or brushing process. Place a tarp on each side of the fence to protect your landscape. Use a paintbrush to apply a coating of rust inhibiting primer and allow to dry overnight.  The next day you will be able to add your first coat of paint made for metal. Using a brush is best as a roller or sprayer will not be able to reach all crevices. Paint the fence in its entirety and allow it to dry overnight. Add a second coat to brighten the color and give it added protection from the elements.

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23 February 2016

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