Interested In A Vinyl Fence? 4 Things You Should Know


If you want to add privacy to your backyard, or keep your family pet contained without having him on a chain, a fence is a great way to do it. Consider getting a vinyl fence because of these 4 things.

Appearance and Size

Vinyl fencing typically comes in sections that are 6-8 feet tall. It will give you enough height to protect your yard from nosy neighbors, and help keep pets contained. You can also get the material in sections that are completely solid, meaning your pets won't get riled up because of what is on the other side.

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to colors, since vinyl in manufactured with pigment that changes the color. You can select a fence color that matches that existing aesthetics of your home, or go with a traditional white color that is popular among homeowners.


When compared to wood, vinyl will be a more expensive fencing material. The tradeoff is that vinyl will last much longer and cost you less in annual maintenance such as sanding, painting, staining, and sealing.

The material itself will range between $12 and $25 per foot. The costs increases when you factor in a professional installation, which will cost between $15-$75 per foot. Expect a fencing project with 100 feet of fence and a gate to cost between $1,600 and $7,500.

You can save quite a bit of money by performing the installation yourself, but you may not be prepared for all the potential problems that come with installing a fence. That's why it is best to leave it to the professionals.


Many homeowners love vinyl fencing because of the relative lack of maintenance that is required over the years. If you want to keep the fence looking great, you can clean it using soap, water, and a scrub brush. You can get the job done faster if you have access to a pressure washer.


If you take care of the fence with regular cleaning, you can expect your vinyl fence to last between 20 and 30 years. Your fence may even come with a limited lifetime warranty that will cover defects with the fence that include corroding, blistering, flaking, and peeling. It won't cover factors outside of the manufacturer's control, such as wind damage or vandalism. 

Think a vinyl fence is best for you? Contact a fencing company in your area for a price quote on how much one will cost for your yard.


18 November 2015

fencing in a yard for dogs

I have always loved dogs, so when I was presented with an option to start breeding dogs, I jumped on it. Before I could begin the breeding business, I had to have some fencing installed and some kennels built. The fencing that I needed had to be able to hold up if the dogs were to jump up against it and had to be high enough to keep them from jumping over it. If you are trying to fence in your yard to keep your dog contained, you will find some helpful tips that the fencing contractor provided to me during my installation job.