Guidelines For Renting Chain Link Fencing To Secure A Construction Site


One of the best ways to secure your company's new construction site is by renting the appropriate chain link security fence. Chain link rental fences come in a variety of sizes, styles, and with optional add-ons that are designed to increase the protection level of your valuable equipment and building supplies.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that you rent the right fence to adequately protect your new construction site:

Use Chain Link Panel Fencing for Smaller Construction Sites

Construction sites that are small in size or that will only be active for a short period of time should use chain link panel fencing. The panels are available in a variety of lengths and heights and is held in place using T-stands that can tolerate any flat surface – from asphalt to bare dirt.

To keep the panel fence stable, the T-stands can be weighted down to the ground using sandbags. The panels themselves will be connected together using specialized steel bands.

For additional protection, chain link panels can be topped with razor wire to prevent people from climbing over them and helping themselves to your belongings.

Use Stretched Chain Link over Semi-Permanent Posts for Larger Construction Sites

Construction sites that are large in size or that will be active for a long period of time should use a system of semi-permanent fence posts with stretched chain link between them. Panel fences are not appropriate for large spans because of the sheer number of panels required, so posts and rolled chain link is much more economical and easy to install and disassemble when your job is completed.

As with panel fencing, stretched chain link fences can be topped with razor wire or left slack-topped to prevent climbing and theft.

Use Windscreen to Protect Your Construction Site

Both panel and stretched chain link security fences can be covered with protective windscreen material. The material will help to keep winds out of your job site, and it also keeps passersby from being able to see what materials and equipment are located on your construction site. This leads to less theft and a more private job site for your workers since people will not be able to watch them work.

Additional Assistance

Finally, since all construction job sites have their own unique security fencing needs, you should speak with the rental agent in your area to discuss which fence options are right to get the maximum protection for your construction site. To find out more, speak with a business like City Wide Fence Co.


19 October 2015

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