Is Your Outdoor Wooden Railing Ready For Winter?


Railings are extra important in the wintertime because of the role they play in outdoor safety. Wooden railings in particular need special attention at this time of year because wood is vulnerable to damaging effects from snow, rain, and sun if not properly maintained. If your railing is showing signs of rot or damage, then it's time for you to get it fixed or replaced.

Look for Signs of Wear

First, evaluate the state of your railing. Look for cracks, bubbles, scratches, and patches of bare wood in the paint. In particular, pay attention to areas where the ends of the posts are visible. Bend down and look at the place where the wood meets the concrete or stone. There should be no cracks or visible signs that the wood is swelling. If you see cracks or bare patches in the wood, it's time to spot treat or re-paint the wood railing before winter comes.

Sand Down Areas to Be Painted

Now that you've identified which areas of your railing need to be repainted, it's time to sand down those areas. If the entire railing shows signs of flaking deteriorating paint, then it's time to repaint the entire railing. Sanding the paint will help rough up the surface so that the new paint will stick. It will also help the old layer of paint to be less visible beneath the new layer of paint.

Fill Cracks with Wood Filler

Use wood filler and a paint scraper to fill any areas of the railing that have become scratched, scuffed, or dented in. This will ensure that you have a smooth surface to paint. Allow the wood filler to dry for the length of time specified by the wood filler manufacturer. You can also talk with a professional, like Bracci Fence Inc, for more tips.

Paint the Railing

Now it's time to paint. Use outdoor exterior grade acrylic or oil paint to ensure that the railing will be fully protected from the elements. Once one layer has been applied, allow it to dry and then apply a second layer.

During the process of painting the railing, watch for areas where the wood has become dry and brittle or eaten by pests. These are indications of wood rot. If your railing is experiencing these problems, it may be time for new railing. This is a problem that should be addressed before the winter arrives. If this is the case, contact a contractor with experience and a reputation for excellence to give you a quote for railing replacement.


18 October 2015

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