Take Extra Precautions With Electric Fences In Drought Zones


If you've got a horse fence up on land that's dealing with drought, you've got two frustrating security issues on hand. If you have an electric fence, it might not work properly, and if your fence posts aren't sunk deeply into the ground, you could see them go out of alignment very quickly -- and your horses could escape into open pasture. Knowing why these two problems exist can help you take steps to shore up your horse fence.

Dry Soil, No Conductivity

You need the right combination of moisture and ions to get the best level of conductivity for an electric fence, especially for a single-wire system. Pure water is a terrible conductor of electricity. But add in ions that do conduct electricity, and the water becomes a very good conductor. Soil that is moist and full of water and conductive ions also helps electricity travel -- it's a vital link in the operation of an electric fence -- but remove that water and make the ground very, very dry, and the conductivity becomes very weak.

Dry Soil, No Support

Another problem with drought and fences is that the supporting soil around each post can weaken as it dries out. This is a serious problem with clay soil, which contracts and causes anything in it to crack or shift. The result is that your fence posts could start to tilt. Determined horses could push through the fence and get out.

If the fence is electric and the posts are leaning over, again, the lack of conductivity could allow horses to get out. Older horses that aren't very active or that know they need to stay within the fences might not be a problem, but younger horses that want to roam more may start testing boundaries.

Dry Soil, Extra Precautions

Fixing listing fenceposts is actually fairly simple, though not necessarily easy. You'll have to sink the posts deeper into the ground, and in many cases add gravel or sackrete around each post, depending on the material you use for the posts. An easy way to get this done is to have a fencing company come out and do the work for you. Even though that will likely cost you more money than doing it yourself, the fencing company will know the best way to shore up your fence from the start -- they won't have to do research like you would.

Electrical fences can get a lot more power with extra wires and grounding rods, but this can be difficult to get exactly right unless you are experienced with dealing with electrical fences in dry soil. Calling in a horse fencing company to take care of the work will again save you a lot of trouble.


14 October 2015

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